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The Collapsible Wading Ring is legit. The ease of adding fish to it is awesome. No fight or a need for a third hand with it and the fish stay very health. When your done it folds up for easy storage which was huge for having limited storage on my Stingray and cleans up quickly with water hose when your done. Awesome product.

Joe Hubenak | Brush and Bay Unlimited

I have used stringers and the old style styrofoam Donuts growing up Wade fishing my whole life, the Wading Ring has revolutionized keeping my fish alive while Wade fishing and it's easy to store I can put 5 inside of one hatch and still have plenty of room and my fish are always nice and Lively when I return to the boat whether I make a 15 minute wade or a 2 hour my fish are always alive an kicking, it has saved me many trips having to wade back to the boat immediately after catching a good fish for a tournament with the wading ring I can keep the fish in there for a good while knowing when I get to the boat that fish is going to be healthy and alive and continue fishing.

Garrett Goodson | Alvin TX

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